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Community description:Japanese voice actors

( 声優 )
❝ vocal goodies ❞

Welcome to [community profile] seiyuu! Here are a few guidlines:

→ Any media-sharing needs to be friends-locked. Linking to a friends-locked post somewhere else is not allowed and will be deleted [linking to a public post is fine, though]. Please also refrain from threatening not to share if you don't get comments.
→ Commenting when you download usually encourages people to keep sharing. It's not required, but it does make a difference.
→ Questions and discussion about seiyuu is encouraged! Just please don't spam with a new question/topic everyday.
→ Introduction posts are okay as long as you include something seiyuu-related along with them [saying "I love _____!" does not count]: an article, a few pictures, a song, etc.
→ Requests are okay and should not be posted by the same person more than once per week.
→ Be respectful, to each other and to the seiyuu themselves.

questions. link. link. link. +.

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